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The auction will end on Sunday, May 2nd. There is something for everyone! Teacher-student parties!

Jewelry, camps, restaurant gift certificates and more!


Don't forget! On Saturday at 5:00 pm, The Farragut adult community will have an opportunity to join Fiesta On The Zoom and raise money for the arts programs at Farragut. The cut off for painting and food kits is NOON FRIDAY! After 12:00 pm, if you donate a minimum $30 donation, you can still be part of the Fiesta fun!


To donate and get the Zoom link click on the DONATE NOW button or choose from the drop down message below.


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Community Arts Day…wait, it’ll take an entire WEEKEND to shake off the ho-hums of the last (entire!) year!  Workshops that cover all the arts will take place on Saturday, April 24th AND Sunday, April 25th-ALL day, BOTH days!  Check out the workshops that will be offered below!  Please read over the list with your child(ren) to get them excited and ready to participate!  Also, please take note of the ages and locations—we’re a-Zooming, but also branching out to the park to finally get some fresh air (masks required.)



Animation-How Cartoons are Made! (Zoom, all ages)

I’m not sure you could possibly like cartoons as much as Sam!  He’s an animator who’s brought to life Tom & Jerry, Bugs Bunny, and the Mr. Men.  He’ll show you how cartoons got their start and how he does it now in this exclusive demonstration! (Side Note: He’s my brother and will be Zooming from Portland! There are a couple perks of this craziness we’ve been living through-take advantage! -Emily)


On the Edge Dance Studio (El Marino Park- Don’t forget your mask!, all ages, varied per class)

We are OPENING up our regular scheduled classes to OFFER a FREE class to Farragut students for Community Arts Day on Saturday, April 24th. Our Saturday classes are at El Marino Park and include: 


10:00-10:45AM Beg/Int Hip-Hop (ages 6-10) w/ Mr. Robert 

10:00-10:45AM Creative Dance w/ Ballet (ages 4-7) w/ Miss Jackie 

10:45-11:30AM Acro4Kids (All levels, ages 5-10) w/ Mr. Robert and Miss Ceylon



"WHAT IS THE HERO WORKSHOP?” (Zoom, 2 hours, ages 8+)

The Hero Workshop is an interactive storytelling workshop that leads young heroes in games of Dungeons and Dragons for what we like to call their "weekly appointment with adventure." Heroes join together in a group, and together they decide what happens next in the story. Then we roll dice to determine success.

It's fun, a great way to ignite your imagination, and we will touch on many educational aspects as part of our adventures including basic math, algebra, puzzle solving, teamwork and collaboration, and of course storytelling. 

Feel free to check out our website at www.heroworkshop.org for more information!"


HERstory NOW (Zoom, 2nd-5th graders)

This is an interactive Spotlight class that focuses on the inspiring stories of women throughout history. But we don't just learn!  Through coloring, crafts, and fun activities, we EXPERIENCE! Join us for this very special Community Arts Day class where we'll delve into the life of Frida Khalo. We'll explore her art, her accomplishments and the hurdles she had to overcome to become the renowned artist we remember today. And then get your brushes ready as we create our own Frida- inspired masterpieces!


Supplies provided: coloring and information sheets, paint, brush, canvas. Material pick up TBD.

Supplies needed: colored pencils or crayons, cup of water to rinse paint, space to paint and covering for your table and/or clothing, as needed.



Feeling detective-y? (all ages)

Test out your detective skills with me, Emily, the organizer of Community Arts Day, as I take advantage of this unique CAW-Community Arts Weekend-opportunity. I love to read short mystery stories from Sleuth & Solve and 30 Second Mysteries and I want to share them with you!  How many clues will it take you to figure out what happened…?  All ages are welcome, though not for the faint of heart! (Kidding! Nothing super bad happens, I promise.)



Michelle DeAngelis Ballet (Coombs Park-Don’t forget your mask!, ages 7-9)

Come get some fresh air and learn graceful ballet moves with Michelle! Sign up with a friend, grab your yoga mat, and meet us at Coombs park for this class! Get ready to learn new ballet moves and have some fun!



Mrs. Petrella on the weekend?! (Coombs Park-Don’t forget your mask!, all ages)

And in person?! We haven’t gotten to see her enough this year, so here’s an opportunity to attend a special workshop. Turn where we live in Sunny California into art! You will be using special sun paper and nature you collect to create unique pictures. Which park is TBD, we’re deciding where we’ll find the necessary sunshine.


Supplies provided: Sun paper

Supplies needed: Pieces of nature that will produce cool silhouettes. Bring them along or collect some at the park.



Hapkido (Coombs Park-Don’t forget your mask!, all ages)

Hapkido is a Korean defensive martial art taught by Master McLynn right here on Sepulveda. You’ve seen it! The popularity of Hapkido is due to the fact that everyone, young or old, male or female, can practice this art regardless of physical weight or strength, because “good technique” plays a more important role than force.  (Side note: My daughter and her friends have taken classes there for years, love it, and we know you will, too, if you check it out!-Emily)


Let’s DRAW! With Sylvia (Zoom, all ages)

This is a drawing class for everybody! We will venture and draw animals and cities, characters and plants and let’s see what else we can find on our journey. Did I tell you that we will draw slowly, step by step, so everybody feels comfortable and isn't rushed? This is a fun, easy-going, flexible class for kids of all abilities.

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Supplies needed: paper, pencil and coloring tools like colored pencils, markers, black Sharpie (fine or ultra fine)


Workshops led by our own talented Culver High School Students:


Origami Lessons (Coombs Park-Don’t forget your mask!, Two classes offered: K-2nd and 3rd-5th)

It doesn't matter if you're a beginner or a pro, we are all learning here. So join us for a fun filled Saturday afternoon with Khayla, Emily, Anthony and Zander focusing on the arts of Origami.


Supplies provided:

  • Origami paper

  • Googly eyes (aren’t you curious now? ;)


Please bring:

-   Masks

  • Kid scissors 

  • Glue sticks or tape (either one is fine)

  • Hardcover book for a folding surface

  • Picnic blanket, if you’d like



Baking with Teriah (Zoom, all ages)

Do you like cooking? More importantly, do you like dessert?! We will make some delicious chocolate chip ice cream sandwiches! Please help Teriah teach the kids how to prepare the ingredients. Some guidance will be needed for the younger students.


Supply list: butter, sugar, cinnamon, salt, eggs, vanilla extract, flour, rolled oats, baking soda, chocolate chips, and an ice cream of their choice


Comedy Improv (taught by the AVPA Improv Team - Coombs Park-Don’t forget your mask, all ages)

We want to teach kids the FUNdamentals of comedy improv, including guidelines and how to break them. To encourage creativity and collaboration as they work together to develop improvised scenes and play games. Most importantly, to let them have fun and be silly.

Girl's Lacrosse (Coombs park-Don’t forget your mask! all ages)

We would like to introduce elementary school students to the fundamentals of girl's lacrosse in a safe and supportive environment. We'll teach them how to throw, catch, scoop, shoot, dodge, defend, etc. safely distanced, but in person. Hopefully, we'll be able to grow interest in the sport and encourage an active and healthy lifestyle with lacrosse as a component.


Supplies: We will provide sticks and balls (regular lacrosse balls and soft Swax balls) for participants that we will thoroughly sanitize between workshops. Masks required.

The Art of Poetry. (Zoom, 3rd-5th graders)

Poetry can be extremely beneficial and beautiful. This is a workshop run by Devin that will teach kids about the weight that their words and thoughts can hold. Each student can write their own nursery rhymes and poems. They will hopefully gain a newfound interest in the English Language.


Supplies needed: pencil, paper, and an open mind


Kind-er Art (Looking at you, kindergarteners!)

Julianna and Maria will lead our youngest Foxes through a Springtime art project (or 2 ;) chosen just for them!

"What would your favorite character wear?” (Zoom, all ages)

This workshop will start off with a short introduction to what costume design is, then Dayne will lead students through the process of designing a costume for the kids’ favorite book or movie character. Lastly, he will tell them about opportunities where they can costume design.


Supplies needed: A pencil, paper, colored pencils, or markers would be appropriate. It would be convenient if the children could all print out a model figure, aka a croquis, so that it is easier to draw, but this is not entirely necessary and can be done during the session.



Your Guide to Google Slides (Zoom, 3rd-5th graders)

We’ve never needed them more than now. Learn how to speed up and spruce up your distance learning projects with Mari! This is an educational and interactive workshop on how to use google slides effectively and creatively while having fun!



Improv for Pre-Middle Schoolers (3rd-5th graders)

Davis’s workshop will promote the middle school improv program. He will play some fun group games that will allow them to get out of their chairs and move their bodies! The participants will play some games that will allow the kids to have fun like crazy eights or imaginary ball.



Tips for Incoming Middle Schoolers (Zoom, 4th and 5th graders)

Alondra will give tips for starting middle school! She’ll inform the students of things incoming middle schoolers should know. Get a student’s perspective to help them feel more comfortable with their school transition. Afterwards, they can also ask questions. Learn from someone who’s done it! (Then save her info for 3 years from now. ;)


Supplies need: Paper and pencils, if they’d like. Any questions prepared that they are curious about.

Among Us Workshop (Zoom, 3rd-5th graders)

There’s only one way our kids will ever beg to do tasks at home-totally sus!  Let Reshma and her Imposters play Among Us with your kiddos while the parents paint (& eat & sip) with Mrs. Petrella on Saturday evening!