Farragut's Kindergarten Liaison Program

What Is Farragut’s Kindergarten Liaison Program?

In its inaugural year, Farragut’s Kindergarten Liaison program aims to ease all new families’ (Kinder and any new families in other grades) transition into Farragut by having a point person to guide you. Often our children are fine but it is the parents who need a little help adjusting to this big change. One of Farragut’s biggest strengths is its community; this program is a bridge into that community for those just arriving at Farragut.


Who Is This Year’s Kindergarten Liaison?

Rachel Schinderman is a parent to a 4th Grader and a Kindergartener and is the chair of the 2016/17 Kindergarten Liaison program. After being at the school for four years, she still doesn’t know everything that goes on at Farragut, but she knows who to ask if you have a question!


How Can I Take Advantage Of This Program?

There are three great ways to dive into the Farragut’s Kindergarten Liaison program:


  1. You can request to join to the Facebook page for 2016/2017 Kindergarten families at “Farragut Foxes Kindergarten 2016 Playgroup” or send your email to rachelzients@hotmail.com to be added.

  2. Kinder Meet-Ups:
    Rachel will coordinate Kinder meet-ups during the school year, such as after school playdates at a local park, where parents and kids can get to know each other better. Parent only meet-ups are also in the works.  More information to come!

  3. Buddy Families:
    As we get settled into the year, we would like to “buddy up” new families with established families throughout the school to continue to ease Kinder families transition into Farragut. While parents do not attend Farragut themselves, we do spend a lot of time here so it is always nice to have familiar faces as you get settled into the school.  If you are interested in participating, please let Rachel know at rachelzients@hotmail.com.


What If I Have Questions?

Ask Rachel (Benjamin and Eli’s mom) at rachelzients@hotmail.com.