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Thank you to our sponsors, parents, staff and community for a successful year. 

Artworks! 2016 raised over $30,000!


Artworks! is the school’s major annual fundraiser which consists of three programs: Community Arts Day, Fiesta on the Hill, and Auction. Artworks! allows us to provide extensive and high-quality arts education such as: bi-weekly visual arts instruction for all grades; arts education for each grade featuring programs like Do-Re-Mi, Drama Education Network, and Symphonic Jazz Orchestra. 


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Thanks for taking part in Fiesta On The Hill


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THANK YOU to our sponsors





Bethany Coffee

Joan Fraley

Sparkle Jonz Glitter Tattoos

Katherine Jarvis

Ross Piro

Sara Nelson

The Levin Family

Sara Nelson

Matt Panagiotis

Ann Frederick

Rapaport Dermatology

of Beverly Hills

The O'Brien Family

The Zimmerman


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