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Let's Read! Farragut's Home Reading Program

The PTA sponsors the Home Reading Program to encourage our children to read more at home.  Students are given a reading log every month where they record the books and the amount of time they read each day.


Students in kindergarten and first grade are awarded a small prize for reading 300 minutes a month and a book prize for reading 400 minutes a month.  (For returning students, take note that these thresholds have been lowered from the past.)  The corresponding thresholds remain 400 and 600 minutes for students second grade and above.


The Home Reading Program also has a book review component to give students an opportunity to share their opinions about books they read, while practicing reading comprehension and writing.  We provide students with a book review template every month along with the reading log.  Each month, outstanding book reviews will be recognized and earn the student a special prize.  Select book reviews will be displayed in the library for all students to enjoy.


Please support the program by encouraging your child to read books and write reviews.  Completed reading logs and book reviews are due on the first school day of each month.  Turn them in to the teacher on time so we can deliver prizes promptly.  Please help our volunteers who check the logs and read the book reviews by making sure the papers have your child’s full name, teacher’s name and grade level.  On the reading log, minutes must be added to show the running total and there must be a parent signature next to each entry for the minutes to count.


Lastly, we are always in need of donations of gently used books to supplement our collection of book prizes. Book donations may be dropped off in the Home Reading Program bin located in the front office.


Any questions or would like to get involved? Ask Home Reading Program Chair Ann Chen at

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