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A Parent's Perspective:

"What I Wish I Knew Before My Child Started At Farragut"​

Drop-Off & Pick-Up

  • School begins promptly at 8:45 am (doors open at 8:35 am) and releases at 3:15 pm Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Every Wednesday is our early dismissal days when school will release at 1:45 pm. All Kindergarten classes will drop off and line up in the kinder play yard. Kindergarten pick up is also separate from the other classes and is located on the grassy portion between the front entrance to Farragut and the kindergarten play yard. After entering the gate your teacher will release your child to you.


  • The first Monday of every month (beginning in October) there is an assembly for the whole school out on the Big Yard (towards the back of the school, by the grassy field) at 8:45 am. Parents are encouraged to attend and honor the Students Of The Month recipients from each class.


  • On rainy days students head straight to their classroom instead of lining up outside on the blacktop near the Big Yard. Remember to check the classroom on drizzly mornings.


Daily Activities

  • All your kid really needs is a backpack that will hold a standard folder. The school will supply the folder and all other supplies. In the backpack lunch and snack should be packed separately. Send your child with ONE small snack and a water bottle - Kim Wilson


  • You won't get your child's ID number for several weeks, but you can still have them eat hot lunch if they want. Just put a check in the box in the office with your child's name on it. Eventually, you will get a PIN to use for lunch. My child couldn't remember her code until the end of Kindergarten, but they always fed her on her hot lunch days. The cafeteria staff helps the little kids out.Also, don't freak out when your child's lunch comes home nearly barely touched. Most kids are so preoccupied during lunch in kindergarten that they barely eat anything. Pack things they can eat/drink quickly (such as a yogurt smoothie) and then be prepared to give them a snack right after school! - Deanna Newell


  • The FAAST classes are optional, low-fee enrichment classes offered on campus after school. Look for more info on the schedule in your kid’s backpack. - Eugenie Lago


  • Parents cannot park in the school parking lot for morning drop-off or afternoon pick-up. But you do have other great choices. There’s plenty of neighborhood street parking, and then it’s an easy walk to school. Or in the morning you can take advantage of the Watch D.O.G.S. program – the car drop-off program allows parents to drive through the back parking lot and drop off and watch their child get safely escorted to the school entrance. – Mel Mecham


  • The easiest way to pay for school hot lunch is to transmit money via the Internet. Go to the CCUSD website for more information & monthly lunch & breakfast menus. - Kimberly Hall


Getting Involved

  • Find a way to volunteer at school. Seeing your child's face light up at the sight of you on campus is priceless. - Nancy Shin


  • Volunteer at lunch or kinder recess. Even if only 1x or 2x a month. It is a really great way to see your child at school and who he/she plays with (and if they eat their lunch). – Treesha Vaux


  • Get to know the front office staff. Introduce yourself to Mari. Pop in and say “Hi!” to Dr. Lynch. There is a book there that all teachers have filled out for things they like. The Farragut community is super friendly and you’ll get out of it what you put in. - Rachel Schinderman


  • Attend all of the school functions, like movie nights, Artworks, Fall Festival. They are really fun are a great way to get involved and meet the other families. – Trip Forgeng


  • Talk to the other parents at drop off and pick up. These incredible parents can become your best friends and greatest support. Farragut is such a loving community you will want to become a part of it. It may be hard to step out of your shell and talk with new families but I promise it is worth it. - Karin Herman

Healthy Rhythms

  • One of the best things we did was walk to school everyday. I know that a lot of people don't live close enough to do that, but even if you park your car sort of far from the school and take 10 minutes to walk the rest of the way, I think you'll find that you and your child are in a great headspace to start the day! - Charles Burns


  • Bring a snack with you at pick up ... My son was always FAMISHED by the end of the day (also, expect that they may be too excited at school to actually eat the wonderful lunches we work so hard to pack!). - Christie Manos


  • Write your child's name inside jackets, sweaters, water bottles and lunch boxes, you'd be surprised at what turns up in the Lost and Found. - Kerby Caudill


  • Don't expect your kids to talk to you too much about school ("It was fine") and don't expect that they'll have made lifelong friends even by the end of the year. Things take time each kid is different. - Jim Warner


  • Kids should come to school in closed toed shoes appropriate for running and jumping. Leave Crocs and sandals at home. The play yard has very little shade so USE SUNSCREEN!! - Jodie Fratantuno


  • Many flyers & important papers are sent home in your child’s backpack. You’ll want to check it every night. Since my sons often don’t eat their lunch at school, I make sure they have a solid breakfast each morning. - Melissa Lane


  • I’d pack an extra pair of underpants, sock, and pants in the backpack…just in case. A note or drawing in their lunchbox is a nice surprise in the middle of the day and may help them feel more at ease. - Nancy Shin

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