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Staying Safe On Campus

As every parent knows, it’s all fun and games until someone gets hurt. For this reason, Farragut Elementary has some familiar and important rules that we all need to follow. These rules are not just for the kids either - we grown-ups are the ones who set the example.


The more common safety fails we see on a day-to-day basis involve kids going unchecked when running through halls, play fighting, and other shenanigans. With a group the size of our school population (HUNDREDS!) this type of play can quickly become dangerous.


Below are the behaviors we REALLY need help managing on campus before and during drop off, pick up, and especially school social events (after school hours and on weekends). At these times, the parents are responsible for their kid’s behavior, so please help us avoid accidents by speaking up when you see one of these rules not being followed.


  • Running in the halls and on the blacktop. Kids collide or take falls that, when on this type of surface, can REALLY hurt!


  • Unsupervised kids during school social events such as movie nights, Fall Festival and other after-hours/weekend events. Friendships are the best part about our community – for both for the kids and the parents. And we certainly all enjoy time together at social events. That said, these events are not drop off child care events and, as they are run by all volunteers, we need the parents to monitor and manage their child/ren at all times. Once kids go unchecked, injuries happen and the fun is seriously dampened.


  • Rough play between kids. We know that kids often like to show how strong and or skilled they are by picking each other up, pretend sword fighting, hopping on each other’s backs. However, on campus, this type of behavior is not allowed.


Safety on campus is of critical importance to all Farragut teachers and staff during school hours. Farragut parents are asked to hold themselves to the same standard to ensure we have a safe school year.


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