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Volunteering at Farragut

Many of Farragut’s programs and events are only possible because of amazing parent volunteers!


There are SO MANY opportunities for parents and guardians to volunteer in the classroom and at various events throughout the year.  Volunteering is a great way to get to know more about your child’s class, the school, the community, the staff, and teachers!

Opportunities include:

  • Class-specific:

    • Helping in the classroom

    • Chaperoning field trips

    • Watching over classes at Assemblies

    • Teacher Appreciation

    • And More!

  • More involved opportunities:

    • Chair an event

    • Lead a Committee

    • Become a PTA board member

    • Become a Fan Club board member

    • Join the School Site Council

  • School-wide events:

    • Fall festival

    • Artworks!

    • Book Fair

    • Science Fair/Night

    • Fox Trot

    • Home Reading Program

    • Family Fun nights

    • Family Dance

    • Career Day

    • Backpacks for Kids

    • And More!

Fill out the volunteer interest form and let us know what volunteer opportunities you would be interested in!

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